I’m the saviour 😂 Vegan Mac N Cheese . That doesn’t taste like shit 🙌🏻 INGREDIENTS Whole block of silken tofu (drained). 1 kallo mushroom stock cube. 1 tsp of shoya sauce. 1 tbsp of nutritional yeast (or more to taste). 2 tbsps of grated Bute Island Foods – Sheese mozzarella. 1/2 a cup of Oatly barista milk. 1 tsp of garlic granules. Salt + … Continue reading VEGAN MAC ‘N’ CHEESE


Autumn has descended upon us, and I for one am less than impressed, originally from NZ I find the cooler months here in the U.K, well –  cool! A cake like this however, warms the coldest of days and is dead simple. Some, not all vegan cake recipes call for ingredients from little old ladies cauldrons from far ends of the earth, not this one! … Continue reading VEGAN VANILLA CHAI CAKE

The Best Vegan Chilli in the World ! E V E R …..

OK ..OK – so now I have grabbed your attention, here is my vegan chilli recipe. Now it may not be the best in the world E V E R  ….. but it’s pretty damn close. I have blessed you not once, but twice, as this recipe comes with a video too – hurrah! I’ll include the outtakes (at the bottom of this page) as it … Continue reading The Best Vegan Chilli in the World ! E V E R …..

Deconstructed Miso Vegan Sushi Bowl – Fast + Nourishing

This is not so much a recipe but a guide. It’s simple, nourishing and can easily be made in bulk. It is packed with nutrients, stomach boosting fermented miso and protein rich tofu. As per pack instructions cook enough sushi rice for your needs (make extra it really is lush). Once cooked stir in 1 tsp of miso paste. I use about 1 tsp for … Continue reading Deconstructed Miso Vegan Sushi Bowl – Fast + Nourishing

Vegan Christmas Dinner- All the Recipes you need for an amazing cruelty free feast

So here is some of the inspiration I’ve used for our Christmas dinner. Click the description or image for each individual recipe link. Jamie Oliver’s Artichoke Brushetta    VIVA recipe club Avocado and smoked tofu salad   Vegan Society Sweet potato soup Jamie’s Oliver’s Sesame roasted Kale     Jamie Oliver’s Vegan Gravy   Jamie Oliver’s Roast vegetable megamix   Forking Fit My Vegan nut … Continue reading Vegan Christmas Dinner- All the Recipes you need for an amazing cruelty free feast


This cake is perfect for using up brown bananas. Simple to make and perfect every time. Ingredients 185g plain flour (I find you can mess around with flour combinations really nicely with this recipe . So maybe half wholemeal and half plain) 45g cocoa OR 30g of cacao 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda 1 tsp baking powder 140g sugar 120 ml vegetable oil 1/4 pint … Continue reading VEGAN BANANA + CHOCOLATE CAKE


I adore Indian food. This recipe took me a while to master – but now it’s perfect. I hope you will love it too.  The recipe serves 4 but to be honest there never seems to be enough! So doubling this recipe is never a bad idea. Dahl is great served with naan / rice / + salad. You could use fresh turmeric if desired … Continue reading MOREISH PROTEIN PACKED DAHL (RED LENTIL)


Yep you read the title right!! This recipe is all about the balls …. what ?? I never said I was a proper grown up – I have to get my sniggers where I can ! These balls will be one of the best things you pop in your mouth for a long while (I’m sorry innuendo tastic!). They are easy to make and once … Continue reading CRUNCHY MINI VEGAN NUT ROAST BALLS


I’ve had a great week so far. I have mostly been hanging with Mad Dogs and Vintage Vans, who by the way I think should be renamed “Sassy Lasses with Lots of Cake, and Magnificent Vans” catchy huh?? More to come with them soon….. Monday and Tuesday they had the deliciously chic Betty Magazine doing a shoot. A lovely team they are too, and I … Continue reading BETTY’S SEASONAL NETTLE JUICE

October – Mushroom Risotto with Kale, & Autumn Seasonal Food List

Wow.. how is it October already?  Apparently 71 ish days until Christmas I’m definitely not counting. I love autumn although it’s abrupt arrival left me weary for a few days. Was anyone else wearing flip flops one day, then massive woolly jumpers the next? The moon caused big changes also. No surprises  considering the body is made of up to 64% water. I think the … Continue reading October – Mushroom Risotto with Kale, & Autumn Seasonal Food List