October – Mushroom Risotto with Kale, & Autumn Seasonal Food List

Wow.. how is it October already?  Apparently 71 ish days until Christmas I’m definitely not counting. I love autumn although it’s abrupt arrival left me weary for a few days. Was anyone else wearing flip flops one day, then massive woolly jumpers the next? The moon caused big changes also. No surprises  considering the body is made of up to 64% water. I think the … Continue reading October – Mushroom Risotto with Kale, & Autumn Seasonal Food List


A delicious smoothie. Suitable as a meal replacement if you need to lighten up a little. I’m preparing to do a juice cleanse in a few days so this smoothie will be great at helping reduce my appetite. It has ground flax seed which is a fantastic colon cleanser, great for clearing toxins. Not to mention all the great fats in flax that are amazing … Continue reading COCONUT + BLUEBERRY CLEANSING SMOOTHIE

Homemade Organic Raw Cashew Butter

This is so easy to make. I can assure you that it is worth the time making as warm fresh cashew butter is out of this world! Here you can see my little helper 💜 Ingredients 500g raw organic un-roasted cashews Equipment Food processor or high speed blender More than anything for this is recipe you need patience. It takes around 10 minutes of juzzzing … Continue reading Homemade Organic Raw Cashew Butter

Roasted autumn veg glut

Tonight I needed a super fast dinner that would a) re-balance the naughties I ate, we all have those days right???!!! b) use up some of the seasonal veg from local veg patches, farms and shops c) totally yummy too of course 😘 So here it is like I said quick and simple. Ingredients: Serves 2-4 1 leek 15 small tomatoes 1/2 an aubergine 1/2 … Continue reading Roasted autumn veg glut