I’ve had a great week so far. I have mostly been hanging with Mad Dogs and Vintage Vans, who by the way I think should be renamed “Sassy Lasses with Lots of Cake, and Magnificent Vans” catchy huh?? More to come with them soon….. Monday and Tuesday they had the deliciously chic Betty Magazine doing a shoot. A lovely team they are too, and I … Continue reading BETTY’S SEASONAL NETTLE JUICE


Our hazlenut tree (Cobnut) is bursting at the moment, even the squirrel is full! My children love chocolate spread, but even the organic ones are not really very healthy. This version is simple. It takes a little patience, but you get hot Nutella !!!! As I said we are fortunate to have a hazlenut tree in our garden, so a few shakes and we had a … Continue reading VEGAN HEALTHY NUTELLA CHOCLATE HAZLENUT (COBNUT) SPREAD

Raw Vegan Pecan Chocolate Brownies

These don’t need much of an intro ⬆ just look!!! Wow. They are gooey, decadent and super quick. Refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, raw and vegan. I know I’m an angel…. treats that love you back. Full of antioxidants, good fats, fibre, and have the definite feel good factor. Ingredients 30 dates (soaked for at least 20 mins if hard) 1 large cup … Continue reading Raw Vegan Pecan Chocolate Brownies

Luxury Red Velvet Hot Chocolate with Beetroot

This is amazing…no really it is seriously bloody good. It’s piddling it down here today, we have a snivvle too. I made a spicy bean chilli for dinner which ticked one box, but something sweet was a niggling. This was a massive success. You wouldn’t know there was beetroot in this. It has a really velvety deep chocolate flavour. I promise you will adore it! … Continue reading Luxury Red Velvet Hot Chocolate with Beetroot


Super breakfast! Huge fruit salad with raw cacao mousse. So delicious and full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and good fats! Blend 1 avocado with some maple syrup / honey roughly 1- 2 tbsp – keep tasting until sweet enough (remember fruit is sweet, so you don’t need too much). 1 tbsp of cacao powder & 1/tbsp of nut butter i used almond. Whizz and put … Continue reading RAW CHOCOLATE (CACAO) MOUSSE WITH FRUIT SALAD


Nettle, cucumber and pineapple juice. Please don’t be put off by the main ingredient in this juice. I promise if you don’t already you will LOVE nettles after this! Nettles are free too. They are in season March – May. Pick the top 7 leaves and don’t pick from a flowered plant.  Obviously when you pick them they will sting you if you don’t wear … Continue reading SEASONAL GARDEN NETTLE JUICE WITH CUCUMBER + PINEAPPLE


A delicious smoothie. Suitable as a meal replacement if you need to lighten up a little. I’m preparing to do a juice cleanse in a few days so this smoothie will be great at helping reduce my appetite. It has ground flax seed which is a fantastic colon cleanser, great for clearing toxins. Not to mention all the great fats in flax that are amazing … Continue reading COCONUT + BLUEBERRY CLEANSING SMOOTHIE


Feeling a little run down I made this delicious warm juice. It really is a potent combination of fresh flavours. It’s very simple and warning very more ish. Ingredients 1 large beetroot 3 large carrots 2 apples Tablespoon of organic lemon juice Ginger I added fresh but powder works great too. I used about a finger nail sized piece. Add more depending on taste preference … Continue reading ‘VIMTO’ WARMING WINTERY BEETROOT JUICE BLISS

Homemade Organic Raw Cashew Butter

This is so easy to make. I can assure you that it is worth the time making as warm fresh cashew butter is out of this world! Here you can see my little helper 💜 Ingredients 500g raw organic un-roasted cashews Equipment Food processor or high speed blender More than anything for this is recipe you need patience. It takes around 10 minutes of juzzzing … Continue reading Homemade Organic Raw Cashew Butter


Delicious homemade almond milk is super easy to make, is cheaper than store bought, & yummy! Ingredients: 1 cup of almonds skin on or off (creamier with skins off) 4 cups of filtered water Pinch of salt 2 medjool dates (pitted) 1tsp of vanilla essence Equipment: Food processor or smoothie maker/ blender. Directions: Soak the almonds in enough water to cover. Soak overnight or for … Continue reading CREAMY ALMOND MILK 🍶