“The Plantry” FREE eBook, blissful plantbased recipes #foodporn

My first eBook “The Plantry” FREE

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As a busy mother I rarely have time for fancy meals that need hours of preparation. In society today I’m well aware of the pressure we are all under … so I have put together some fresh, quick and EASY recipes that are a fun introduction into a whole food plant-based lifestyle that is amazing!

The recipes are quick, full of ingredients you’ve heard of, and some you haven’t. With a little information on why you should check them out.

Join me in the Plantry!

A sneaky peak

It contains juices, smoothies, soup, salads, kale crisps, zoodles, healthy treats and much more…

Food 3-10012

Food 3-10027

Shoot 1-10033

Shoot 1-10061

Shoot 1-10018

Photography by Camilla Rosa Photography

Graphic design by David Ashton

Ashton Creative – Art & Design

2 thoughts on ““The Plantry” FREE eBook, blissful plantbased recipes #foodporn

  1. Lizzie, I desperatley need ideas for fussy boys?!?! I really want to get they eating clean foods and not junk. I don’t mind in moderation but they are making wrong choices and I want to guide them I to trying new things that are good for them?!?! And my hubby he is awful! The unnatural things he puts in his body are unreal but they are all bloody fussy?!?! X x x

    1. A lot of the recipes are kid friendly and very easy to make. Get the kids to make them. You’re already great getting the kids involved, testing foods when they have mates over is also great as they encourage each other. I do offer classes for adults and children. I’m also booking in for a detox Glamping weekend soon.


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