Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Use + Other Ideas to Help the Environment

It can be hard to reduce plastic use. Everything is covered in it. For me personally the town where I live doesn’t make it easily accessible, to cut down on plastic use without spending more money. The supermarket is the cheapest place for me to buy food to feed my family.

Is it the same for you? Or maybe you’re looking for some ideas to reduce your consumption.  Hopefully this post will help you.

It is predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic and trash in the ocean than fish! That’s scary. For a large percentage of my followers that is within your life time! What the hell are we going to do about it? Every single year we throw around eight million tonnes of plastic into the ocean.

In some areas there are one million pieces of plastic for every km of ocean 



  • Use reusable – quality shopping bags.
  • Take drinks/coffee cups with you when out and about. Stainless steel bottles are great for older kids or adults. They can be expensive for school use and not necessarily better for the environment if your child gets through them very quickly. So weigh up what’s best for you. Always pick BPA free.

  • Say NO to plastic straws and plastic cutlery. 
  • Buy stainless steel straws .
  • Don’t use cosmetics with micro-beads.
  • Buy responsibly sourced pet foods (consider seafood sustainability).
  • Be considerate with your energy use (cut down on electricity use/ heating ….).
  • Don’t litter and teach children to be respectful of the planet.
  • Try and avoid buying fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic. 
  • Refuse where ever possible products that are wrapped in plastic.
  • Wrap your food products with a reusable product like vegan food wraps, don’t use cling film.
  • Reduce what you can’t currently change.
  • Reuse where possible.
  • Recycle.
  • Compost kitchen food waste. It’s great for your garden. Or if you don’t need it, lots of local council accept it – or even collect it!
  • Buy un-bagged bread from a local bakery or paper wrapped.
  • Buy foods and cleaning products in bulk where possible – I use SUMA . Me and some friends all chip in together.
  • Try and avoid ready meals. Do this by cooking in bulk for those emergency moments.
  • When you order takeaway provide containers.
  • Use a wooden dish brush. These often last longer and to me are more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Shampoo + conditioner bars. I have used some of the lush ones with great success.
  • Use a bamboo toothbrush. These can be purchased in bulk to reduce costs.
  • Use eco tooth floss.
  • Ditch plastic razors, by a metal one – cheaper in the long run and give a better shave.
  • Use shaving soaps instead of cans.
  • Use soap bars instead or squeezy liquid soap 
  • Teabags aren’t generally biodegradable so switch to a brand that is (got time? write to your normal brand and state why you won’t be purchasing anymore). Or get yourself some loose tea and a nice tea pot!
  • Don’t use cotton buds, bad for your ears and the environment!
  • Buy toilet paper wrapped in paper – not plastic. 
  • Use a mooncup or reusable pads (Click highlighted words for my reviews). Buy mooncup – buy pads.
  • Cloth nappies for babies, and reusable wipes (great for so many things)
  • Buy second hand were possible, or try and buy sustainably sourced items. Choose natural fibres.
  • Reuse newspapers and old wrapping paper for gift wrapping.
  • Use matches instead of a lighter.
  • Try and avoid buying too much frozen food, nearly all is wrapped in plastic.
  • Use metal storage containers for freezer items or wide mouthed glass jars (leave an air gap).
  • Give up bottled water. Get a soda stream for fizzy water and a water filter. Make your own water filter set up with a glass jar and charcoal sticks.
  • No chewing gum. Most is made with plastic. Look for natural alternatives.
  • Shop at your local farmer and produce markets. Often cheaper and better for you. 
  • Buy natural rubber cleaning gloves. 
  • Repair items that break. Try and buy items that you know you can get spares for.
  • Use an essential oil burner to scent your home, or a glass jar with perfume and reeds. In place of plug in air fresheners or cans.
  • Take care of what you own… might seem obvious ….. but
  • Ask yourself is there a greener alternative to what you are looking to purchase?

If you have some spare time consider litter picking at the beach or where you live. Consider walking, cycling whenever you can. Consider car sharing. Use a washing line when possible over a dryer.

If you click on the underlined text, you can either buy the item, or it might be a link to a review I’ve written.

 Plastic on Blue Planet II BBC
Plastic on Blue Planet II BBC

Take it as slowly as you need to.

If everyone who read this changed just one thing – it would be a massive environmental win!

I would massively appreciate any comments or shares you can spare.


Thank you x

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