New Year – New YOU – HINT * it’s all in your head


Marketing – Oh yeah that little $445 billion dollar industry!

Marketing has been making us feel like crap for years. It relies on it! Consistently inventing new ways for us to not be good enough. They depend on us feeling a bit shite to make money. Name one campaign that has actually built you up ? 


This New Year you don’t need to add anything to make YOU better! In fact you need to take away something – negativity. 



You are amazing. You don’t need a six pack, or glowing skin, tits under your chin to make you feel like you’re achieving, and worthy in life. Obviously if you have these things – you need no help to keep them – from obnoxiously marketed products!    


 Photo by  Angela Dennis Photograpghy
Photo by Angela Dennis Photograpghy



I took part in an amazing campaign “Warrior Woman Project – FIERCE ” with Natalie (from Style me Sunday) this year. She changed the way I think about myself and my body – thank you NAT x. 

Amazing women all shapes and sizes took part. Giving themselves up – breathing out all negativity… or getting pretty damn close. Embracing their bodies. Realising that they too are beautiful.


Who in your life is beautiful? Why are they beautiful?

Chances are it’s their personality that you adore- and that makes them beautiful. 


This New Year do exercise because it makes you stronger and healthier – not because you need to be society’s idea of perfect .

Eat good food, because your mind and organs will thank you for it. Not because you need to change YOU. 


I’m going to share the photos I did for the WARRIOR WOMAN PROJECT with Nat …….

 But also ones that aren’t perhaps my favourite – because I’m me in all of them.  

Age 19  

I’d just given birth to my first child in this picture  – told that I looked like I was about to die ….. cheers! – pretty sure I felt like it !!  

33 years old  – 4 Children later … 

Giving zero fucks !  

Buzzfeeds amazing video –

What Mothers want their Daughters to know !  


Life is so very short – love yourself – your body – your friends – your family and the planet.  


Love Lizzy – Forking Fit  

A massive thank you to Kay of Little Buds Photography for the super photographs she took.



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