This guide is here to help inspire you. Everything on this page I have bought or received as a gift – so vouch for!


This is the most obvious for all the right reasons. If the right item is purchased – you can’t go wrong. After my engagement ring / wedding ring, my favourite jewellery is a necklace with my daughters newborn finger print on – I will always cherish this. My husband bought a kit you do yourself and then post away. Anything that is personalised will be a hit! I have a ring that has my children’s birth stones in, and me and my husbands. I adore it.

If you want something bespoke and made by a friend of mine, look no further than Leoma Drew – click here.  



Candles really do set a scene. They are associated with special events (birthdays!) so instantly have a feel good vibe. I’m lucky enough to know an amazing vegan candle company OCTO LONDON. All their candles are divine, packed with essential oils, and vegan. Lavender is my personal favourite.


Mood lighting is another winner! I love salt lamps, not only beautiful but they help ionise the air and improve air quality. 

Essential oil lamps – a colour changing lamp that creates a fine essential oil mist (produced from water and essential oils).



Bespoke design – I designed a lamp for my husband from a piece of junk metal. I found amazing artist Jessica. She added some copper pipes (in a heart shape- yes what a soppy tart) and creatively welded it altogether. We treasure this.


Mix tape

Yes I’m that old! Ok so not an actual mix tape, but music. Make a playlist or a CD. Personalised gifts are the way to go.




Obvious maybe? But a special moment framed is just that- SPECIAL!


Framed Print

Now this is a good one! Me and my husband recently went to Amsterdam. We had a free map in our hotel room that was quirky. This framed will be a perfect reminder or our lush getaway together. Be inventive- use old maps – old fashioned tourist information posters- or a print of the stars from a special date.



If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I’m obsessed with books. I always have about 5 on the go. The ideal situation would be that you find yourself in a dusty old bookshop and find some cheap unusual reads.

A few recommendations from me are-


Woman who run with the wolves. By – Clarissa Pinklola Estes.

The Tao of health, sex and longevity. By – Daniel Reid.

The clan of the cave bear. By  – Jean M. Auel.




Yes you know I love plants. My children complain that we live in a jungle- I think I’d like that! Not only great for boosting mood and air quality, they last a lot longer than cut flowers. Roses are great as they are a symbol for woman’s health and love.

Personalised Tea blend

When I was breastfeeding my youngest she had a phase of terrible colic. I used a restricted diet and a tea blend that my husband had made. He added things like peppermint, chamomile etc… It helped and set me on my path for tea blend creating. 

I know Neals Yard will make custom blends. Rose petals are always a really nice base as they are beautiful and strengthening.


Not only beautiful, but healing too. I wont waffle on about my personal experiences – but lets just say I thought they were nonsense, and now I dont. I have a big piece of amethyst by my bed to help with WiFi and bad waves. I have 2 big pieces of agate which are historically protective (amongst many other things). I keep them near where my children spend a lot of time.


Come on who doesn’t love a cuwtch??? Blankets help create luxe and the obvious one …. warmth. Unless you know the person really well stick to simple / classy styles and you cant go far wrong.


A voucher for a massage, or some kind of pampering is a great buy. I recently received a voucher from my bestie, and there was nothing nicer than actually siting and being pampered!

Or a good quality bag of mineral bath salts.

  One of my paintings.  
One of my paintings.  

More ideas

Time is a gift to give, give your time. Go for dinner, a walk. But give your full attention. This is a priceless gift. 

Find something unique. When I’m asked, I usually struggle for gift ideas. What I love is a junk shop find. An unusual ornament or piece of art. Head to a local arts centre to find a one off.



A craft weekend in Herefordshire – click here.…. did I mention there will be hot tubs!


And of course –













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