It rained … there I’ve said it. To be honest after our recent luck even after reading the weather forecast I kind of ignored it. But it definitely rained …a lot! I’m going to share with you a vegan guide to Camp Bestival. I basically selflessly ate all the food at all the stalls – so you know where to go when you go next year.



The kids weren’t sure if they’d find much vegan food to suit their tastes but were very nicely surprised. I think their favourite would easily be the Churro stall – vegan friendly and they even supply vegan chocolate sauce.





My favourite place was the Fire Station Coffee Roasters stall. They had several vegan options (including brownies) but won me over with their coffee – made with Oatly Barista (you need to try if you haven’t !).  



Here’s a list of some the stalls I tried, which all had at least one vegan option.


The Green Brownie Bar – eco friendly and they use local produce. The best vegan brownies …… ever!




 Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen  Zoe is a total babe – her food is always amazing. There is always loads of vegan choice. If you like aromatic and spicy this stall is for you!




Polar Pops  Wow – pass the lolly… this is a company with a conscious. Treats for all that are delicious and wholesome. Made with natural ingredients. VISIT!




MILGI  Plantbased bliss. Nothing is off the menu at this stall. From tummy healing kombucha, to energy balls – or a substantial meal. They have your back.





Happy Maki  tell you what- they have reason to be happy. I have had every single item on their menu and been like , ” this one is the best-est ever”!! They really don’t disappoint. I had to double check my “mock” duck wrap was “mock” because it was very believable. My kids enjoyed their food too. 





Goodness Gracious Healthy Foods  They live up to their name with a great selection of foods. Burgers / falafels / pittas all stuffed with goodness. If you should brave a hangover this would be your cure!





Chapati Man Heaven on Earth. I bloody love me a bit of spice, Chapati Man didn’t disappoint. Beautifully cooked Indian food- with just as beautiful presentation.




Flaming Cactus  Moreish Mexican food. I thoroughly enjoyed a chilli wrap. It would be great to see a few more vegan options on their menu. Or adaptions – guacamole could of easily been veganised. 





The Rac Shack their chips are the muts nuts…. with onion gravy and fresh french bread …… BLISS!


PIE CARAMBA! My eldest son ate there everyday! Their pies are luscious. perfect festival food! Plus they sell amazing vintage comics – so I love them.


We even managed a delicious sorbet from the ice cream van. It really feels like every stall has made a real effort to cater for vegans. As a mother bringing up vegan children it’s really important that I feel they can join in the party too (the food party), at Camp Bestival we were all catered for and we can’t wait to go again next year ! 


If you’d like to buy tickets for next year please click below –


All views are my own – this post is not sponsored. I am an official Camp Bestival Ambassador. 

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