Another super list for you all –

It can seem daunting when you first go vegan or even for long term vegans, but protein is easy to get when you know how! I bet you’ve all been asked, “but where do you get your protein??”  ****eyes roll***

Well now you can tell them to come to my little site and take a looksy 🙂


I’ll start with the recommended guideline daily requirements 


0.75g of protein per kilogram body weight per day for adults.

So if you weigh 70kg (11 stone), you should eat about 52.5g of protein a day. On average, men should eat 55g and women 45g of protein daily.


1-3yrs    4-6yrs     7-10yrs     11-14yrs       15-18yrs

  15g         20g           28g          42g              55g


I’ll share some of my favourite high protein foods.

Seitan (25gs protein per 100g) a great mock meat substitute (seitan should be avoided by people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity).

Tofu, tempeh and edamame beans (all from soybeans).

Lentils ! Check out my daal recipe ….

Spelt – protein 15g per 100g (raw uncooked)

Spirulina – I love spirulina it’s a nutritional powerhouse. Once I added some to porridge …. NOT RECOMMENDED! Two tablespoons (30 ml) provide you with 8 grams of complete protein!

Hemp seeds -great sprinkled over …everything really (sweet or savoury), they contain 31.5g of protein per 100g!



Sprouted Beans, Peas & Lentils 13.1 g

Broad beans 6.8 g

Green peas 5.4 g

Sweetcorn 5.1 g

Kale 4.3 g

Broccoli 3.8 g

Mushrooms 3.6 g

Mange tout 3.5 g

Artichokes 3.3 g

Spinach 3 g

Collard greens 3 g

Parsley 3 g

Courgettes / zuchinni 2.7 g

Cauliflower 1.9 g



Guavas 2.6 g

Passionfruit 2.2 g

Avocado 2 g

Kumquats (sorry but what a name ….lol) 1.9 g

Pomegranate 1.7 g

Jackfruit 1.7 g

Mulberries 1.4 g

Currants 1.4 g

Apricots 1.4 g

Blackberries 1.4 g

Kiwifruit 1.2 g

Raspberries 1.2 g

Bananas 1.1 g

Nectarines 1.1 g

Cherries 1.1 g

Oranges 1 g

Starfruit 1 g




Squash + pumpkin seeds 29.8 g

Dry roasted peanuts 24.4 g

Peanut butter smooth 22.2 g

Almonds 21.2 g

Pistachios dry roasted 21 g

Sunflower seeds 19.2 g

Flaxseed 18.3 g

Chia seeds 16.5 g

Cashews 15.3 g

Walnuts 15.2 g

Hazlenuts 15 g

Pine nuts 13.7 g

Pecans 9.2 g

Macadamia Nuts 7.9 g

Dried coconut 6.9 g

Chestnuts 4.5 g




Tempeh 18.5 g

Soybeans 16.6 g

Miso paste 11.7 g

Broad beans (cooked) 10.6 g

Lentils 9 g

Pinto beans 9 g

Black beans (cooked) 8.9 g

Chickpeas 8.9 g

Kidney beans 8.7 g

Split peas (cooked) 8.3 g
Hummus 7.9 g

Mung beans (cooked) 7 g

Baked beans 4.8 g

Soymilk (Unsweetened) 2.9 g



As with my CALCIUM LIST protein levels will vary with season and products. I don’t personally figure out exact amounts for each day. Just try and eat a varied diet. 


Thanks to VIVA  for their amazing protein chart – click to buy your own wallchart.







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