This is just a simple guide for some great calcium sources. Obviously lots of other foods also contain calcium. Amounts can vary with season + preparation method.


My favouites –

Enriched plant milks 400ml (roughly 2 cups is 2/3rd of your daily requirements -ADULT)

Tofu (calcium set) 100g is half of an adults daily needs

Sesame seeds contain 975mg of calcium per 100g.


Remember exercise helps build bone density. Too much protein can leach calcium too.

Adults (19-64 yrs) current guidelines for calcium intake per day- 700 mg


  • boys aged 11-18 years: 1000mg
  • girls aged 11-18 years: 800mg
  • children aged 1-3 years: 350mg
  • children aged 4-6 years: 450mg
  • children aged 7-10 years: 550mg


VEGETABLES – highest amounts per milligrams first

Collard greens (1 cup boiled) 265 mg

Spinach (per cup) 245 mg

Turnip greens (1 cup cooked) 197 mg

Broccoli (serving of 85g) 100 mg

Kale (1 cup boiled) 94 mg

Butternut squash (1 cup – baked) 84 mg

Sweet potato (1 cup baked) 76 mg

Broccoli (1 cup boiled) 62 mg

Sprouts (1 cup boiled) 56 mg

Carrots (2 medium uncooked) 40 mg

Cauliflower (1 cup boiled) 20 mg

Rocket (per cup) 16 mg



Soymilk (1 cup – fortified) 368 mg

Tofu (1/2 cup uncooked) 253 mg

Soybeans (1 cup boiled) 175 mg

Haricot / Navy beans (1 cup boiled) 125 mg

Cannellini / Great northern beans (1 cup boiled) 120 mg

Black beans / Black turtle beans (1 cup boiled) 100 mg 

White kidney beans (1 cup boiled) 100 mg

Baked beans (1 cup) 86 mg

Chick peas ( 1 cup boiled) 80 mg

Pinto beans (1 cup boiled) 79 mg

Kidney beans (1 cup boiled) 62 mg

Lentils red + green (1 cup boiled) 38 mg  green 



Rice milk (1 cup enriched) 300 mg

Wholegrain tortilla wrap 42 mg

Wholewheat flour (1 cup) 40 mg

Wholewheat bread (1 slice) 26 mg



Rhubarb (per cup) 348 mg

Dried figs (per cup) 240 mg

Prunes (1 cup) 75 mg 

Kiwi (1 cup) 60 mg

1 Orange 60 mg

Mulberries (per cup) 55 mg

Raisins (2/3rds of a cup) 53 mg



Almonds (per 30g) 75 mg

Walnuts (30g) 28 mg

Hazlenuts (30g) 56 mg

Brazil Nuts (30g) 28 mg

Sesame seeds (15g) 22 mg

Tahini Paste (30g) 42 mg



These are just a few samples – I want to show you how easy it is to incorporate calcium into your diet. Listen to your bodies cravings – it will show you the way –put that chocolate bar down 😉  Check out my PROTEIN LIST.


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Thanks to VIVA for the image – please check them out!


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