This was me . Age 19 with my first son. I was un healthy . Living off junk food, processed foods + meat. One day I decided to educate myself about nutrition and foods. I lost several stone, gained my health and breath! This wasn’t easy, it was hard, I had to make lots of changes. I had hardly any money to live off- so I utilised my local library and the internet. Discovered foraging (hello food for free !!!). I pushed myself to be a good example to my child and to feed him good food. Now 3 more children down the line and 13 years on I am very educated about nutrition. I am vegan … and proud! I will share my opinion and try to help inspire you to be the healthiest – happiest you can be ! The main reason I started my facebook page and this blog was to help people to get to their healthy place quicker (+ save the planet – I know how cool is that ?!). Don’t wait for tomorrow, or Monday , or next month . Time will pass regardless of how much nurturing and love you give yourself . Do it NOW !!! Love yourself!

I became vegan because – I’d love to say for the animals but honestly this wasn’t my starting point. I became vegan to help my asthma and allergies. I basically lived off anti-histamines and eye drops. Being reassured by my local pharmacist that they were perfectly safe to take. Which I found by ill health was not the case. I decided to take action and after being pretty much plantbased for 7 years, I binned off all animal products. Within a couple of days I no longer had to take ANY anti-histamines at all… I do need to occasionally still take them as I’m allergic to frigging nature it would appear #earthmother 

So with this new boost to my health I decided to research more about being vegan. I watched EARTHLINGS – now this isn’t a pretty watch – in fact I had my eyes covered for a great proportion of it. None the less this just made everything suddenly click into place … like what the hell have I been doing all these years?! I actually cried a lot and still feel sad I didn’t educate myself sooner. EARTHLINGS (I found it on YOUTUBE certificate 18) I kind of thought (hoped) was out dated (2005), then I found VIVA they are UK based and obtain stats that are current. Bam …. it really is as bad as EARTHLINGS made out. I wont go into details (click on the links in this post and it will take you to the various very educated sites) but it isn’t pretty. I used to be all for organic / local meats etc…. (if people are going to eat) but now I cannot support that. The way that the world is being farmed is horrendous. 

Another great link if you’re interested is COWSPIRACY



I am now 100% VEGAN + proud. If you have any queries regarding any of this information please drop me a message.

My children have decided off their own backs to transition into veganism too which I’m really proud of. 

Currently VIVA are offering a free magazine , I found this super useful and as it has no graphic images I could let my children read it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post xx







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