This my darlings will make you happy (happier than a Bergen on trollstice – if you don’t know what the film TROLLS is ….find out now !!), I SAID HAPPY!!

This is a slightly more expensive recipe than some of mine, so if you need to butter up this shit – make it for Mothers Day – BOOM ! ….and then you’re the best child in the world as well as the happiest.

It looks / sounds complicated but my 11 year old actually made it! So you’ll be fine!



1 Cup of pitted dates

1 Cup of oats


2 Bananas

2 Cups of plain cashews

1 1/2 Cups of pitted dates

1 Tsp of vanilla essence

Pinch of salt (I use pink)

1/4 Cup of Cacao (or coco …although cacao is far superior at everything…just saying)

1/4 Cup of coconut oil

1/4 Cup of maple syrup (or your preferred sweetener)

1 Tsp of Maca powder (optioanal-but does add a caramel flavour + a sprinkling of magic nurturing)

Water ….. as needed


I used a small bar of my favourite raw vegan chocolate

3 Tbsp of crunchy peanut butter (I used salted)

Handful of mixed nuts (I used cashews + Brazil)

This cheesecake is lush! The base has the right amount of texture without being too sweet + because it has oats in this helps to stabilise our blood sugar levels. The middle layer is smooth and almost melts on your tongue, the rich chocolate will satisfy the scariest of chocolate monsters! ……+ then we have the top layer –  damn right outrageous! you can take this as far as you like really – i added melted chocolate – chocolate chips – peanut butter + whole nuts. it crunches , oozes and generally ticks every box!


To make the base layer whizz up the oats until they make oat flour + then add the dates … (it’s worth soaking the dates if you have time as you can use some of the liquid to help get the right consistency). I used greaseproof paper in a cake tin (springform if you’re really clever). push the mixture in with your hands – nice and firm. The texture should be wet enough that it holds itself without crumbling.

Cheesecake – chuck all the ingredients in and combine until velvety smooth. This did take a little while in my blender – so patience is key here. Now smooth this layer over the base. Pop into your freezer whilst you melt your chocolate. Once melted mix in the peanut butter, then dribble over the cheesecake. Top with nuts and more chocolate if required- a fine sprinkle of salt wouldn’t go amiss here.

Now freeze for at least 4 hours ….. ok at least 1 if you really cant wait! You can eat it straight from the freezer although it will be rock hard! I suggest getting it out and slicing whilst frozen – then waiting 10 mins for the optiMUM serve !

I hope you enjoy this beauty xxx


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