Camilla Rosa Photography  Camilla Rosa Photography

SNACK TIME! Have you heard of kale crisps? If you
haven’t you are in for a treat!
They satisfy the craving for something salty and
crispy whilst being seriously healthful.

Bunch of Kale Leaves (roughly 400g)
Salt and Pepper to season (I use pink salt)
Olive Oil to rub onto leaves (about
2tbsps – play it by ear)

Conventional Oven Directions

Preheat your oven to around 150c / 300f / Gas Mark 2.

Prepare your kale crisps. Wash and dry thoroughly. Tear
into small pieces removing tough stalks. Rub with a little
olive oil. Season.

Place onto a nonstick or lined baking tray. Cook for 25
mins, shaking once halfway through. Cool for a few
minutes then enjoy.

Dehydrator Directions (Raw Method)

Prepare Kale as above then arrange kale onto your
dehydrating trays. 105°F for about 12 hours. I find it is
good to try and rotate them at least once. If you like it
spicy try a sprinkling of cayenne pepper or paprika.
Nutritional yeast will add a cheesy flavour and is full of
B vitamins.
If you up your dehydrator temperature they will cook
quicker but won’t be raw. Depends how quick you need
these bad boys!

 Matilda loves KALE crisps  Matilda loves KALE crisps

You dont have to use kale – other leaves work well too like spinach. Kale is my favourite though.
A few little tips to help you successfully create perfect crisps every time.
• Cut tough stalks off
• Bigger pieces work best
• Wash and dry thoroughly or the crisps will be soggy
• Rub in oil to get a proper coating (don’t drench)
• Spread out so they aren’t overlapping, in a single layer
• Longer and lower cooking time is best if you are using an oven

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