Hello all, it’s been a while. There has been so much going on. Anyway it’s all relatively calmer now. So this well overdue post is here!

I contacted Honour your flow regarding their reusable menstrual pads. I’ve been eager to try some for ages. They were complete babes and sent me 2 to try.


They have changed my life !!!! Seriously I kid you not! I have the happiest foo foo going!

I could stop there really …. who doesn’t what a happy noo? They firstly didn’t leak once (which is essential) – this was my only concern really. My flow isn’t massively heavy. I used one all day with no issues.

They are beautiful- I mean so funky *TIE DYED PADS*. Happy, fashionable FANNY! They easily clip into your pants (I had the ones with wings). 



They are made from organic materials so no more sweaty fadge…. come on ladies – a sweaty noof is a no go! I promise that I believe my periods hurt less since using them. I’m not sure why – maybe mind over matter (who cares – if it works).


Quoted from the honour flow about us page –

Each pad is made with love and care, as we are honouring your decision to tread lightly on the Earth and respect and love your body with beautiful, natural and organic fabrics.

You will save money and the PLANET ! Eco friendly. More money ……hmmmmm? what more do you want???!


They do lots of different designs and shapes. They also do starter kits.

I purchased an extra 2 pads and this suits me perfectly. They wash well and dry super quick. 


 Click here for their FACEBOOK page
Click here for their FACEBOOK page


Here’s a link to Honour Your Flow for more details-


THIS IS NOT A PAID POST (all opinions are my own)