I’ve had a great week so far. I have mostly been hanging with Mad Dogs and Vintage Vans, who by the way I think should be renamed “Sassy Lasses with Lots of Cake, and Magnificent Vans” catchy huh?? More to come with them soon…..

Monday and Tuesday they had the deliciously chic Betty Magazine doing a shoot. A lovely team they are too, and I can’t wait to see their latest magazine. I even feature briefly on their fun snapchat account. So being the bloody lurvely socialable bunny that I am, I made some exclusive juices just for them. One of which I’m going to share with you all now. Hence the fantabulous name “BETTY’S NETTLE JUICE”.

My gorgeous little helper (paid exclusively with cuddles and mudpies) Matilda helped make the juices (after a good wash down).

I love teaching my children about food, especially when it grows out of the ground

a) in our garden

b) with nil effort from moi

c) packed full and I mean FULL of health benefits


1 small colander full of nettles (at a guess 40 leaves, pick the top 7 leaves of each plant)

1 cucumber

3 apples

1/2 a pineapple



Juice and enjoy.

I run a little water through the juicer at the end to help sneak some extra goodness. This makes roughly 1ltr. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of water.

This is a smooth juice with no sting.

*Just take care when picking nettles. My top tips are –

Avoid dog dick height leaves

No sprayed nettles or any where you cannot guarantee are chemical free

No nettles from busy roads (they will have nasty car fumes on)

Rinse very well

Nettles are simply amazing. They boost blood supply, help with allergies especially hayfever and asthma. A natural anti immflamotory and can help treat anaemia. Amongst seriously tonnes of other ace aliments. So don’t over think it – DRINK IT!