Where do I start?! I went to my first gong bath the other night.!!

Never have I experienced anything like it before. Love and hate combined to perfection.

It started in a large church hall. The lights were off and sage was burning, whilst atmospheric tea lights lined our paths. Lay on the floor with a yoga mat under me, and granny chic blanket draped over me I waited in suspense, I am definitely a control freak. I struggle not to fidget like a sugar fuelled toddler.  Once everyone is settled and quiet, Brigid begins. Shit I seriously cant take this…. is she just going to whollop the massive gong whilst I lie there eyes shut. I search for my third eye and to find my inner meditated calm space. Thankfully a little noise starts. Ting. Ting. Slowly the noise builds. The small bell rings gently in the room. I’m now on my usual beach visualizing waves lapping up to my feet with warm sun kissing my skin. Gradually she moves onto one of the bigger gongs. The rhythm builds as the sound resonates within me. Weird how little I fully listen day to day. The sound is now getting very strong, to the point I really struggle. I can feel the vibration within me. Trust is a big part of this, that the noise wont get so loud my head pops! The sound is now at a level that feels on par with maybe a jumbo jet flying over my lucidly dreaming body. Thankfully the waning has begun and I can feel other things. It is hard to describe, but at the strongest points of the bath I felt nothing but sound. My body had no other feelings or strength. So when it reaches a peaceful low the silence hits you like bliss. It is like being born to silence. I have thanks for it too. Suddenly amongst the rain drops hitting the church roof I hear blackbirds calling, feels like a birth of song.- how beautiful it is. 

Brigid begins to build back up, I can no longer behave. I feel a little naughty and privileged at the same time. I open my eyes and quietly move my head slightly to see what everyone else is doing. Bugger it I rebel, I’m keeping my eyes open. I watch feeling more calm as I can predict more easily the sound, and the level of the sound about to be shared. Brigid is like a God of sound. I appreciate that sounds a generous title but seriously – God. She dances hypnotically behind the gong with full passion and emotion. I felt really humbled to witness what feels a massively personal expression from her. You can feel that she wants to send good energy. 

I begin to wonder if I will survive the whole class. At times it is very heavy. My mind feels tired. Brigid continues moving up and down the various sized gongs and sound spectrum, slowly drawing to peaceful nothing again. As I lay, I wonder if this is the end of the class. I see Brigid quietly seat herself besides us and just be. Like a new mother watching her young. Slowly she stands back up and starts to play what I believe to be a harp. She walks around the room washing the pretty strummings over us. It’s the kind of music you hear on cheesy yoga cds but feels magical in this moment. Lastly bells are timidly rang as the intro back into reality. 

I made it!!!! I cannot describe how I felt properly. I will go again, and you have to go. Even if it’s just to fully appreciate silence (having 4 kids I thought I already did , but nuh uhhhhh!)

At the end of the class my Dad stood in front of the big gong and was washed with sound and vibration. You could feel the sound coming through his chest. That has to do something pretty amazing to your body cells. It was very moving to watch.

I feel enlightened by my sensory exploration.


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What Brigid has to say about her classes

You are warmly invited to relax, and allow the deep vibrations of the gong wash through every cell of your body. Still your mind and surrender to the sounds of the Cosmos, Earth and Symphonic gongs, singing bowls and chimes. Give yourself some time out of a busy week to let go, connect with your inner self, and find some space for peace and calm.