Me and the hubs got away ….. without our children!!! Eeeek. We had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed  exploring the city.  It’s safe to say the only grass I enjoyed was wheatgrass. Mighty fine it was too!

It’s amazing when you don’t have little ones tugging on your sleeve how you can take in the smallest of things. I loved the mist floating in this picture and happily watched autumn leaves falling for the 20 min’s I waited for my train. ..
Don’t overlook the small things!

Worcester  Foregate Street ….all change..

Next stop Oxford ➡London

We then had a champagne  breakfast  before  hitting the eurostar. …all I can say is that champagne at 7.50am works…FAST!


Welcome to Amsterdam  BABY!!

We stayed in the art’otel which I can’t recommend highly enough

I’m an artist and really loved these sketches

Anne Frank

La Fruteria ~ A real cute juice bar. All made fresh to order which really makes all the difference 10/10!  Their wheatgrass was amazing.

My next juice bar stop was Juice Brothers. I was in heaven. Seriously  you have to go!  From amazing breakfasts to lunch, complimented with lots of juices.

Juice Brothers turmeric  wrap

The water was so relaxing

Stumbled into some crazy looking peeps. They obviously  hadn’t had their juice. …. oh hang on I believe there is a famous zombie Halloween festival in Amsterdam…..

…it was fab. They were playing some really retro rave music….. one day I’ll track that rave down and go!

In the supermarkets you can buy this herb and fruit infused waters.  All natural.  Yes please!

We went to the Body Worlds Happiness  Project which was a life changer.  It was really eery and made me think about dying, which since a child I have not liked thinking about.

It made me think even more clearly about how we eat, and how that food effects us. It made me really aware of what is inside me and where it is. To look down at your body with a true sense of what’s happening under the surface is enlightening…. and a little scary.

The bodies that have been donated have been dipped in acetone then wired (this is the basic version obviously!), then moved into various positions.  There was a couple having sex. Various athletic  positions. The one that stuck most in my mind was the head.

When you look at the head it feels so weird.  To be so close to something  that was once living.  To see the brain, tongue, and spine.  To look at the face, see the person, almost the personality.  I wondered who that person was. This was once a person like you or I!

Still gives me shivers. If you get chance to visit – DO!

Our little get away was lovely. We really needed it. I adore my children but there was something  blissful in being  missed,  and to miss them. To hear their voices  on the phone. The cuddles when we returned  blew me away. It did us all good.

Thank you Amsterdam

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