Our trees are having a great year, lots of produce. They seem to produce really well every other year. To make use of ALL the apples we are having to be pretty inventive.


Obviously we have regular apple juice. Which I put through my omega juicer, light work and delicious.

It’s sweet enough to be watered down.

My next juice was about 8 apples, 1 beetroot (skin cut off), and 1 carrot. Juiced. Really fresh and tangy a great blood cleanser. The kids lapped it up, assuming it was juice regular juice. We have frozen some of this for ice lollies.
It is a stunning colour.

A piece of ginger would be amazing in this.

For breakfast I will juice more apples and add spinach and kale.

Lemon is great added to any of these juices and helps to preserve for longer.



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