Camp Bestival

I ate food, lots of it, all day long. So I thought I would share my belly warming food glow with you all.

Here’s my mouth watering top 5

1 The DeadGood Burrito Co. A M A Z I N G ! I love spicy food so it’s no wonder this was my number 1. I recommend their “Smokey Black Bean Burrito”. The team were hip and funky, just like their food. My food requests for dairy / meat free were happily obliged.

2 The Thali Cafe.  I recommend their Dairy-free Thali. Their food really does have the feel good factor. I love that each plate is a combination of different dishes. Beautiful and fresh. I have to be honest I have been to the Thali Cafe in Bristol so this wasn’t my first time. Just like their restaurants the festival van had flair, and dedication to mouth watering good soul food. A real gem.


3 The Green Brownie. This company ticks so many boxes for me. Super friendly team with an obvious passion for what they do. Everyone loves brownies! They have loads of different options…..salted caramel, yes please 🙂 The company is eco friendly and run on solar panels. At home they have a small holding where they grow most of their own food. They recycle and upcycle. Food is organic and sourced locally. My favourite being the raw brownie ~ click for a link to my raw brownies recipe 🙂


4 Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen. Hubba hubba this food does not disappoint. Spicy, zingy and inspiring. I had spicy plantain for the first time, wow, luscious. I think one of the key factors to this place being so epic is the eye for detail. Fresh herbs, spices and seasoning, expertly teamed to make each bite explode with flavour. Probably why I went back for more…… Dang I want some bad now!

5 Rejuice what an amazing company! There should be one on every high street. Food is wasted all the time, this company uses food that would be wasted to make lush fresh juice. I cant recommend something in particular as their menu changes all the time, all you need to know is all the juice is healthful and bootiful.

Walking around the festival there was food for every desire. My elder sons loved the famous Piebury Corner.  We spent a lot of time in the feast collective area, with its long communal tables, food and drink it was the place for good mood food.

The camp bestival farmers market was perfect with its fresh bread bakeries, fruit and local produce at pocket friendly prices. The best coffee too according to our source Rupert 😉 It was refreshing to see local companies being supported.

Here are some more of my favourite foods from the festival (click photographs for links)

Must be all those broccoli smoothies making her smile..

Vegan and gluten free panckes, just WOW.

S’Juice Me ~ thought out, nutritious and delicious.

Tea and toast, simple but perfection. Earl grey tea and peanut butter on toast. Yeah BABY! The lady who runs this is a real sweetie pie too.


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You can pre-order tickets for next years Camp Bestival here


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