The hedgerows, and countryside are fit to burst with beautiful  produce. I thought I’d share a few photos from around my garden today. Some are fruits that are ready to eat, some need a few more weeks. But don’t miss out, get out there and find some food.

Food that is seasonal and close to us fits our needs perfectly.

Elderberries not ready yet, but won’t be long

Damsons perfectly ripe

Redcurrants ready to eat

Blackcurrants ready to pick

Blackberries ready and ripe (find in hedgerows)

Tomatoes are not ready yet in our garden

Strawberries are ripe

Garden mint, beautiful in a cool long drink, or make a stunning potato salad

French beans

Apples are not ready yet

Hazelnuts (Cobnuts) are not ripe yet, they are great for lowering bad cholesterol

Here’s some other pictures from our garden

A bee collecting pollen from the lavender in our herb garden

A shack I built out of wood that was going to be taken to the skip. The kids love it. They helped build it. What a great bonding experience.

That’s all for now. We are building a decked area today, and I have nearly finished the herb garden. The allotment fence is up so finally getting closer to growing decent amounts of fruit and veg.

More blog posts soon ✌😘

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