Homemade Organic Raw Cashew Butter

This is so easy to make. I can assure you that it is worth the time making as warm fresh cashew butter is out of this world!


Here you can see my little helper 💜

500g raw organic un-roasted cashews

Food processor or high speed blender

More than anything for this is recipe you need patience. It takes around 10 minutes of juzzzing to get the nuts to release their natural oils and become smooth and creamy.


The nuts quickly make a bread crumb consistency.



They quickly form a dough like shape and roll around my food processor like a tennis ball.

Keep strong it will make butter I promise!

Please keep an eye on your blender/food processor and if it feels hot give it a little break.

Be sure to regularly knock the mixture off the sides of the jug so the blades can work their magic.


Sure enough it will eventually turn into an amazing cashew butter for you to enjoy.

Free from any artificial flavours or additives.

Place in a jar and try not to eat all at once!!!!



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