I saved long and hard for my first juicer, and spent nearly as long researching which type of juicer was best. From my initial £50 budget I ending up spending £179 on my matstone 6 in 1 juicer. I chose a bigger budget juicer as it is important to me that the juice keeps as much of its nutrients as possible. Usually the cheaper juicers heat up during the juicing process and kill off vital vitamins.

I have to say the matstone juicer is brilliant. It’s actually easy to clean like it claimed. I do believe that had it been hard to clean I probably wouldn’t of juiced as much and gotten into the great habit!

With all the amazing health benefits of juicing extras veggies into your diet why wouldn’t you want to juice?! With
the inclusion of a few fruits you can make a juice that will blow your tastes buds away, boost your health and make you feel great.

The great thing for me is that my kids love juicing now. Whether it’s juicing the glut of apple off our trees or juicing some kale with ginger and lemon they’re all up for a cheeky shot. Especially so in front of their mates.
Not too far from the adult alcohol shot scenario!! Down it!! Down it!!!

So I got the opportunity to try a new juicer. The Juice Producer KT2200.


Could it really be better than my previous juicer? I had no issues with my old juicer…….
Well I’ve been blown away! I’m amazed by the differences although subtle they are the game changer for me.

It is quieter.
It is quicker.
The pulp is a lot drier which means more juice from the same amount of produce, which is the most important difference for me.
100% BPA-free bowl and lid.
The juice is clearer and more refined. The taste is purer, no little bits.
It takes up less space so I can leave it on my kitchen counter. For a start this makes me more likely to juice if it’s right there good to go.
It’s as easy to clean as my previous juicer. Top tip end your juicing session with a carrot and flush finally with a glug of filtered water, this makes cleaner even quicker!
It has great sized jugs. More juice in one go. Less slopping into other containers. I can make enough juice for my family of 6 without having to stop and start.
A lot of the stuff I juice ie carrots, celery, cucumbers need none or hardly any preparation before juicing as I can put them in whole. This saves time too.
The jug has a wide pouring spout this sounds nothingy but pouring with ease makes a difference!

If I had to choose between the matstone juicer and the KT2200 from juice producer it would have to be the KT2200. I have been honestly really impressed.

Anyone passionate about their health and families should really try and include juicing into their diets. This for me means vegetable juices. Too much fruit juice is bad for you. It is high in sugar and effects your blood sugar levels. If I want to add sweetness I usually add my vegetable juice to a smoothie recipe. This way you get the best of both worlds. The delicious sweeter taste but the fruit fibre which helps keep you full and helps reduce impact to your blood sugar levels.

Here is a recipe for a great green morning juice.

6 kale leaves

1 lemon, zest and pith removed

1 large apple chopped

2 cm piece of fresh ginger

4 mint leaves

Juice all ingredients, then pour around 100ml of water through the juicer. Enjoy!

All opinions are my own and are not paid. I believe in any products I share.

Forking fit wholesome foodie x

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