I feel on the brink of excitement. Life excites me. Food excites me. I can control how I feel. How healthy I am. Wow isn’t that amazing? I feel far from the finished health indulged bod I can be, but importantly I’m inspired to learn, teach, and evolve into a healthier being. Please don’t judge yourself or me for food choices. Let’s praise ourselves for the good. Eating better sources of foods, meats, veg’s, and Fruits. Buying local where possible. Growing our own where possible.

We all have choices and priorities. Unlike a huge proportion of the world we have the joy of experimenting with foods. Whatever your budget may be, you can change your choice of food, even dare I say it change your supermarkets produce. We are a strong voice.

I believe that I may be a small voice now but it can change. With your help and following I can educate your choices and more importantly inspire a whole generation below us. We can be strong. We can learn, adapt and help ourselves. I know how special is that?!

I am so far a baby on the scheme of blogs and nutrition pages. But have received amazing support and generosity from various companies and followers. This positive thought and encouragement is beyond a dream. But also goes to show what dedication and belief can achieve. Unlike a lot of things in life, nutrition will never be a phase for me. This is my life. I will always as long as I live strive to make better choices and educate anyone willing to listen.

We have got to a point with food where trust has been laid into the wrong hands sadly. We need to help each other to learn and grow.  We need to take the responsibility onto ourselves. Learn from our ancestors and their life school. Make their choices and pains worthwhile.

The main point of this article really is the importance of a positive mind. Positivity is such a powerful tool for any part of your life though, not just nutrition! Be prepared to learn from your mistakes. I feel my mistakes have been that good ol cliché in that they make me who I am now, and I rather like that ever changing, evolving person that I am, and what I’m becoming! There’s no embarrassment in that either! We live in a society that is bombarded with imposed ideas of perfection from media, social media and so called “friends”. Let’s step back and think about how all this effects us. Let’s be bold with social media, friends, and influences and remove these pressures and negative shadows. Let’s not spend time with people that drain our efforts and passion and return nothing. Shine a positive light and I can promise you positivity will flow around you.

Take a deep breathe, find a break in your day. Place the palms of your hands over your eyes (read this first) feel the warmth, notice the darkness. Become aware of your breathe. Breathe slowly and deeply. Like a wave crashing onto a far stretching white sand beach. You are that person lying in the warmth of the sun. Breathe in time with the waves. Listen to the sea. Focus on each part of your body and relax each part. Bathe in awe of the capability and strength that is your body. Take heed in the fact that even if now if you abuse your body, it wants to be healthy, that it is built to be strong and that small positive changes will have a huge tsunami effect on your health and well-being. Be the change today, be positive,

As my pencil case told me age 12:

“Positive thinking, positive future”

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