Looking for something to tame your children’s/child’s sweet tooth? Look no further. This cheeky milkshake will satisfy them (more importantly nurture them).

The first Ingredient you will need is a milk of your choice. I have used rude health organic coconut milk.

A few reasons why you should include coconut milk in your diet:


New research has revealed that not eating enough fat can actually make you fat. According to Bruce Fife, N.D. in his article “The Fat that Can Make You Thin,” people who include more healthy fats in their diet, such as the medium-chain triglycerides in coconut milk, eat less than those who don’t get enough fat. While all fats help the body feel full and satiate the brain receptors that control appetite, the fat in coconut milk may increase metabolism and perhaps increase weight loss.


Coconut milk contains lauric acid, antimicrobial lipids and capric acid, which have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. The body converts lauric acid into monolaurin, which may fight the viruses and bacteria that cause herpes, influenza and even HIV. According to a study led by Dr. Gilda Sapphire Erguiza, a pediatric pulmonologist at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center in Quezon City, children with pneumonia who were treated with antibiotics and coconut oil benefited more than those taking the antibiotic alone.


The medium-chain saturated fatty acids in coconut milk may also improve heart health. A study in “Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition” showed that Filipino women who ate more coconut oil had healthier blood lipid profiles, a major determinant of heart disease. The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut milk may also kill the three major types of atherogenic organisms — bacteria that cause plaque formation in the arteries — that may lead to heart disease.


Coconut milk is highly nutritious when ingested, and these nutrients may help fortify and condition skin and hair as well. The fatty acids in coconut milk are a natural antiseptic and may help treat dandruff, skin infections, wounds and dry, itchy skin. Furthermore, the high fatty acid content in coconut milk serves as a natural moisturiser for healthy skin and may help repair wrinkles and sagging in aging skin.

So carrying on the recipe!!!

I filled my blender jug half full with coconut milk the drinking kind (yes that’s right half full!)

3 tbsp of cacao powder

1/2 a tin of tinned prunes in apple juice

1/2 cup of frozen cherries

Whizz all up…..

You now have a mixture that is sweet, chocolatey and free from rubbish.

Cacao powder is worth investing in. (Great for heart health, more nutrients compared to regular coco, lowers insulin resistance to name a few).

But if you don’t have it, normal coco will work as well.

Look it makes my youngest son stupidly happy, before the shake slipped from his upper lip to his whole face :/

Had a cheeky thought you could add a dash of rum into a serving (for adults) for a scrummy treat!

Source of additional info:

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