These yummy oats I’ve shared a few times on my facebook page. Well different variants of!

This recipe is one of my babies, one of my first recipes!
It is such a fantastic introduction into simple, clean
eating, nurturing, fast and wholesome food it’s FAB!


You will need an old wide mouthed jam jar with a lid, or a kilner type jar.

2 tbsps of Oat Groats (optional)*
½ a jar of Rolled Oats
½ a jar of Milk of choice (Almond or
Coconut are my favourite)
Top with fresh or frozen Fruit of
your choice (ideas listed below)
1 tbsp of Mixed Seeds


If using oat groats put this layer in first, then the oats on
top. Next pour over your milk choice, the milk should
just cover the oats. Top with fruit. Sprinkle with seeds.
Place lid onto your jar and refrigerate for at least 8
hours. This will keep for 48 hours refrigerated.
Eat on the go out of the jar, or serve in a bowl at home.
Makes a pretty awesome afternoon snack!

Fruit Ideas
Frozen blueberries
Frozen mango (frozen is nice as when it defrosts it drips
sweet gooey fruitiness onto the oats)
Fresh seasonal fruit

Optional Extras
Dried fruit
Dessicated coconut
Try mixing your layers up.

This really is one of my favourites, in fact, my best friend who couldn’t stand traditional porridge loves this.
So it really is worth a try.
Packed full of oats, it will leave you full for a good few hours. Topped with fruit and seeds it is full of
vitamins, minerals and fibre. All these things make this a great recipe to help heart health and reduce
inflammation in the body. This feels like a real luxurious treat, and it’s healthy too. Yay!

4 thoughts on “JAM JAR FRIDGE OATS

    1. You can buy groats at health food shops and on the Internet. They are the unprocessed oats. The second layer is just regular oats that have been steel cut. Hope this helps 🙂

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